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Our Team

Administration and Office Staff

Name Title
Denise Belley Principal, Counsellor
JoAnn Blachford Incoming Principal for 2022-23
Cristin Raven Counsellor, Art & Yoga Teacher
Crystal Fraser Health Recovery Consultant
Janice Erdmann Administrative Assistant
Doris Landry Administrative Assistant
Mary Ann Mullet Technical Analyst


Name Subject
Marc Baker Math, Science
Erin Francis Math, Science
Kevin Pansegrau
Math, Science, PE
Marcia Ballard  ELA
Aaron Probert  ELA, Social Studies
Rachel MacLeod Social Studies
Cristin Raven Art, Yoga
Bill Turnham Work Experience/RAP/Dual Credit

Support Staff

Marlene Andrews Educational Assistant
Alana Bishop Educational Assistant
Lynda Konrad Educational Assistant
Brenda Kambouroff Educational Assistant

Outreach High School