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Outreach offers all core courses in Grades 10, 11 and 12, including English, Social Studies, Mathematics and Sciences. Alberta Distance Learning course materials are provided, allowing students to do their courses independently at school and/or at home. Teachers provide one-on-one assistance and direction as required. 


In most courses, the final course mark consists of 60% module mark and 40% final exam mark. Students must pass the final exam in English and CTS courses.

There are no formal reporting periods but a summary report is mailed out on June 30th. Students receive course marks as they complete assignments for each course. Parents/guardians are invited to contact the school at any time throughout the year to inquire about the student's progress. Parents/guardians are also welcome to participate and/or visit the program. Each student's overall progress is assessed on an ongoing basis. In certain cases, a student may be recommended to withdraw from the school until such time as they can again give their full concentration to their studies. Parent-teacher interviews are conducted once per semester and we encourage parents to contact us at any time.

Requirements and materials vary from course to course, so please see your supervising teacher for expectations and instructions. It is the responsibility of each student to understand the course requirements. Reviews for final exams are available for most courses. 

How does marking work?

Each assignment booklet completed will be marked according to the completeness and understanding of the work as well as neatness and legibility. Students who fail an assignment have the option of redoing that assignment. It is the responsibility of the student to come in and go over the assignments with a teacher.

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