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Improve your personal wellbeing

Counselling fosters the development of a supportive framework to facilitate change. It includes an authentic connection that becomes the foundation for personal growth.


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Individual and Relationship Health


Our Counsellor

"As your school counsellor, my role is to offer support to students through a diverse range of services. These services include individual counselling in the areas of personal or social/emotional support, academic / educational support, psychoeducational assessment, and career investigation." - Colleen Anderson

Our Health Recovery Consultant

"As health recovery consultant with the Outreach team, I work to facilitate connections and services to Outreach students and families.  If people experience barriers getting access to health/medical care, I can advocate with them and help to  navigate the different processes involved in getting needed services." - Rejena Miles

Maintaining our personal and relationship health has physical, mental and spiritual components.  If our physical health is out of sync, mental and spiritual health become out of balance, and that is when our emotions can feel overwhelming and our thoughts can become distorted.