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Health, Recreation & Human Services (HRH)

CCS1080: Community Volunteerism 1

HSS1010: Health Services Foundations

CCS2010: Health Care 1

HCS1070: Respiratory System

HCS1080: Cardiovascular System

HCS1050: Musculoskeletal System

HCS3050: Reproduction & Readiness for Parenting

HSS2020: Nurturing Children

CCS3030: Aging

HSS2040: Family Foundations

HCS1060: Digestive System

HCS3060: Pregnancy, Birth & Infant Care

HCS2050: Nervous System & Senses

HSS1040: Developing Maturity & Independence

HCS2020: First Aid /CPR with AED

FOD1010: Food Basics

FOD1020: Contemporary baking

FOD2120: Meal Planning 2

FOD1030: Snacks and appetizers

FOD1040: Meal Planning 1

FOD1050: Fast and Convenience Foods

LGS1010: Private law

LGS1020: Public law

LGS2010: Family law

LGS2020: Employment law

LGS2030: Environmental law

LGS3010: Property Law

LGS3040: Negligence

LGS3080: Criminal law

TOU1010: The tourism sector

TOU1040: The food and beverage industry

TOU1050: The accommodation industry

TOU1060: The travel industry

TOU1070: The attractions industry

TOU2050: Meetings and conferences

TOU3040: Accommodation operations

TOU3080: Air transport

TOU3060: Destination management


Natural Resources (NAT) 

AGR1010: Introduction to Agriculture

ENS1115: Resource Management

AGR1050: Plant Propagation

AGR1055: Gardening

FOR1010: Forests & Society

FOR1020: Forest Ecology in Regions of Canada

WLD1010: Introduction to Wildlife

WLD1060: Wilderness Navigation

WLD1100: Outdoor Cooking Theory

WLD2100: Outdoor Cooking Practice

WLD1130: Outdoor Survival Skills

WLD2130: Outdoor Excursion

WLD3130: Outdoor Leadership (HCS 2020 Req)

Career and Technology Studies (CTS), Physical Education, Fine Arts and Work Experience Programs are other ways to earn credits at Outreach.

Personal Development (PERS)

LCD1146: Learning Strategies 15 (5 CR)

LDC2146: Learning Strategies 25 (5 CR)

LDC3146: Learning Strategies 35 (5 CR)

SSN2171 Personal Psychology 20 (3CR)

SSN2172 General Psychology 20 (3CR)

SSN2176 General Sociology 20 (3CR)

SSN3166 World Geography 30 (3CR)

Career Transitions (CTR)

CTR1010: Job preparation

CTR2310: Career Directions - Expansion

CTR3310: Career Directions - Transitions

Media, Design & Communication Arts (MDC)

COM1005: Visual Composition

COM1165: Printing 1

COM1275: Photography – Digital Processing 1

COM1015: Media

COM1205: Photography - Introduction

COM2205: Photography - Composition

COM2215: Photography – Visual Communication

COM3245: Photography - Outdoor

DES1010: Sketch, model, draw

DES1020: The design process

FAS1030: Sewing fundamentals

FAS1130: Construction fundamentals

FAS1050: Redesign, recycle, restore

FAS1060: Creating accessories 1

FAS1190: Textile arts 1

HSS3090: Governance and leadership

LDC1112: Study of Film 15 (3 CR)

Fine Art

Art 10 *

Art 20 *

Art 30 *

Art 31 *


Business, Adminstration, Finance & Information Technology (BIT)

AGR1010: Introduction to Agriculture

ENS1115: Resource Management

ENT1010: Challenge and opportunity

ENT1020: Elements of a venture plan

ENT2020: Financing Ventures

FIN1010: Personal financial information

FIN1015: Accounting Prep

FIN1020: Accounting Cycle 1

FIN1030: Accounting Cycle 2

FIN2020: Retail Accounting 1

FIN2030: Retail Accounting 2

FIN2040: Accounting Software

FIN2060: Personal Taxation

INF1030: Word Processing

INF2050: Word Processing 2

INF2020: Keyboarding

Physical Education

Physical Education 10


Yoga 15 *

Yoga 25 *

Yoga 35 *

* Teacher-directed course

* Teacher-directed course