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Our Health Recovery Consultant

As health recovery consultant with the Outreach team, I work to facilitate connections and services to Outreach students and families.  If people experience barriers getting access to health/medical care, I can advocate with them and help to navigate the different processes involved in getting needed services.


Health Recovery

Individual and Relationship Health


Maintaining our personal and relationship health has physical, mental and spiritual components.  If our physical health is out of sync, mental and spiritual health become out of balance, and that is when our emotions can feel overwhelming and our thoughts can become distorted.


My major role as a health recovery consultant is that of a liaison or human link between school and home and community.  While social and emotional wellness are a part of this, the health recovery scope is wider and less school specific than other Health and Wellness areas.  


I can assist students and their families get connected with and actually physically go to organizations that provide services such as inpatient or outpatient mental health or treatment programs, medical appointments, government programs such as Alberta Works or Children's Services, or off-site resources related to employment.


If you want to talk to me, you can email me at rejena.miles@spschools.org, phone me at 780-458-0839, or stop by my office.



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